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I pondered this question for some time, "Why could not bright, otherwise intelligent people (Stephen J. Gould, ref1, for instance) consider the possibility that an explanation of observed phenomena could be just as consistent with a creation worldview as an evolutionary worldview"?


The two predominant models for the origin of the universe and its contents are Biblical creation and evolution.


How one assesses his surroundings, or all that was, is, or ever will be

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In·tel·li·gent Or·i·gins

The descriptor, "intelligent design" has been taken, by some, to describe a train of thought that the universe itself speaks to an intelligent designer without dealing with whom that might be. The Biblical worldview clearly identifies the God of the Bible as the intelligent designer. Moreover, I believe it offers a more rational, logical explanation of observed phenomena than do the alternatives.

Ex·is·tence, Pur·pose and Des·ti·ny

On a personal level, these can be restated as, "where did I come from, why am I here, and where am I going (to end up)". How one answers these questions depends very much on one's worldview as it relates to origins.


Why can't skeptics consider the Biblical creation model for origins ? My conclusion is that, perhaps even subconsciously, it's too few logical steps from there to being accountable to the Creator. As Walter Martin so aptly put it in his hypothetical conversation between (the Biblical) God and a skeptic, "now what are you going to do about My son (Christ Jesus)". Thus, the skeptic cannot give up being the center of his own world - the right/ability to define what is good, right and true for him i.e., to be his own god. Man, as the pinnacle of evolution, is logically left in the position of a homocentrist, immersed in the morass of moral relativism, et. al.


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