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Frequently Asked Questions

What is truth?

It is a reality consistent with observation that is not dependent on the number of people that believe it, absolutely !

How did the carnivores exist on the ark with the plant eaters?

One explanation is by the divine intervention of God into the natural realm that He created.

What is theistic evolution?

The belief that God set off the big bang and then evolution was allowed to ensue. One of the many logical problems with this position is that a God powerful enough to both create and "spark" the primordial soup, then "sat around" for billions of years and did nothing ( like speak whole systems into existence).

What is an atheist?

A linguistic contradiction. It is derived from the Greek, "a" and "theos", meaning no (without) god. In order to know that there was no god, i.e., call oneself an atheist, one would have to know (at least something) about everything, which is a working definition of god !

What is science?

Practically, it is the application of the scientific method, typically; hypothesis, experimental design, data collection and conclusion(s), to answer a question or solve a problem. The conclusion then proves the hypothesis or results in a new one, or some gradation in between.

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