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The Existence of God

Walter Martin, in "The Existence of God", presents six, logical arguments for the existence of God. In the course of this lecture, he provides numerous insights into the nature of the God of the Bible as the Creator of the universe. Dr. Martinís major in philosophy is evident from the strength of the logic in his arguments. A couple of excerpts are given below.

In his cosmological argument for the existence of God, Martin states that either something eternal has always existed or something non-eternal materialized out of nothing. From the second law of thermodynamics and contemporary cosmological observations, he concludes the former i.e., an eternal universe is not the case. Thus, one is left with a non-eternal universe (consistent with observation) materializing out of nothing, i.e., created by God.

Part of Dr. Martin's inductive reasoning (regression) to a finite god, who could be caused, but whom is sufficient for Christians from a logical perspective, includes the "conversation with God" presented in the brief on Homocentrism.

The entire, ca. 45 minute lecture can be obtained here.

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